05.16.13 4 years ago 34 Comments

Listen, I looked long and hard for a good KILL KILL KILL for this week while Ape’s on vacation. I tried. But I couldn’t make it through any videos of a furry animal killing another furry animal. Then I tried hawks, eagles and other birds. Stumbled upon a blue heron eating a baby duckling and was like NOPE not birds. After the birds, I tried animals of the ocean, but even that started to get a bit upsetting after I watching a seal playing with octopus before he ate it and I needed to take a break.

I briefly considered feeding our pet snake Bugsy and posting that video for the site. Then I realized Bugsy eats really slowly, and frankly it wouldn’t be very interesting since we kill the mice for her and then it’s just a video of us killing mice which wouldn’t look very good to potential future employers.*

So instead, we’re going with a kitten being scared to death by lizards which frankly, is meaner than anything being killed. Not, “Awww, poor kitty,” more like, “Hahahahaha, kitties are so dumb.” Odds are the lizards aren’t feeling too safe either, which makes the kitten’s horror and surprise even more pathetic.


*Fine, my husband kills the mice since it’s his pet. Bugsy has been around for longer than I’ve been on the scene, so it’s his obligation to keep her healthy and fed. (Since I know you’re going to ask, they get put in a bag and whacked against the ground to break their little necks. It’s pretty awful and I’m glad I don’t have to go out and kill food for my dog or myself.)

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