Kill Kill Kill: Tuna Four Ways

02.16.10 8 years ago 33 Comments

Fish are always eating other fish. If fish could scream, the ocean would be loud as sh*t. You would not want to submerge your head, nothing but fish going “Ahhh, f*ck! I thought I looked like that rock!” –Mitch Hedberg

February. What a crappy month. It’s bitterly cold, it won’t stop snowing, and there isn’t a shred of goddamn football to be found anywhere. It’s enough to make me want to kill. Then kill again. Then kill for a third time. But that’s it. Any more than that would be overkill. So yes, it’s time once again to satiate our collective blood lust with a feature we like to call Kill Kill Kill.

This week we’re featuring the delicious tuna, and its many predators around the world. Above we have a seal dining in a shallow pool of bloody water on the Galapagos Islands. And really, who among us wouldn’t give it all up to trade places with that cute little guy?

There’s plenty more death after the jump, including sharks, whales, and the tuna’s deadliest enemy…

The seal was cute, but let’s let the shark show you how it’s done.

Next up is an age-old battle between fishermen and whales. To the winner goes the toro.

And now it’s time for tuna’s most feared predator, Japanese men!

Knife-a goes in, a-guts come out that’s what Osaka Seafood Concern is all about.

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