Notable Quotable – Killa Kyleon On “What’s Wrong With You Part II”

12.26.12 5 years ago 8 Comments

“They really hate me bad,
Cause a n*gga really on, really make you mad
When I pull up in a slab that’ll make you sad
But if I was doing bad that would make you glad
I just wanna bag, make that cash, stack it up
Keith Sweat, make that last,
Like Too Short, gotta make that fast,
So I’m headed to the bank, gotta make that path,
Get a little bread, boy switch on a n*gga
Run to the laws, go snitch on a n*gga
Try to set’cha up, put a bitch on a n*gga
Price on ya head, put a hit on a n*gga
Jealousy and envy, y’all boys sinnin’
Grown ass men, actin’ like women
Being fake cool, y’all n*ggas winnin’
Fucking up the game, ain’t no mo’ innings
Hate to see me ball like Jennings
And I keep a bad b*tch laying on my linen
While you n*ggas frownin’ a real n*gga grinnin’
Somewhere with a sack, goin’ in, spinnin’
Y’all need help, God bless you n*ggas
Hatin’ on me won’t bless you n*gga
Crazy all my life, really stress you n*gga
But it ain’t my job to impress you n*gga
No ambition, no hustle, no grind
Ray-Ban n*ggas trying to block my shine
Steal a n*gga watch, trying to stop my time
So I show no mercy when I cock that iron
Hole in ya head, I’m killin’ these n*ggas
Ain’t nobody real really feelin’ these n*ggas
Face all twisted, grillin’ me n*gga
Here’s a Colt .45, I’m Billy Dee n*gga

Ever since the word “haters” entered into everyday lexicon, people have managed to acquire their own set of negative thinkers, be they real or imagined. On Starlito’s “What’s Wrong With You Part II,” Killa Kyleon rounds up his bad brood and gives them a chastising akin to a parent scolding a teenager who’s toeing the line of rebellion. Killa cuts them off, makes them understand that he knows their moves even before they try them and cautions how they’ll be thwarted at every turn by his success.

Even after listening to the song on loop daily since Funerals & Court Dates dropped (grab it here), the bitterness he spews still stings – in a beautiful way – each time.

Starlito Ft. Killa Kyleon – “What’s Wrong With You Part II” (Prod. By Cy Frye)

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