Killer Mike – “You Don’t Want This Life” Video

07.08.08 9 years ago 22 Comments

I swarefogod I wasn’t planning another Mike post today (even thought IPATTG2 drops today; see you @ the store). I understand the concept of overkill. Trust me.

GrindTime threw this up on their Myspace today and, up until now, I had no idea the shit existed…even though it says it’s been up for five months. Is the video a big budget, flashing lights & barenaked chicks production? Fuck no lol.

But this joint was actually the song that he & I talked about in his Session & one of the most poignant in his catalouge. If you’re still under a rock about Mike or unconvinced about his abilities, it’s street stories like this one…you know how you can tell when some rappers (even just people you meet), in some way or another lived or experienced the streets?

This is one of those tracks that when he raps it & breaks it down, I know Mike didn’t witness it from his window. The pain in the song’s characters, the stories behind the names and the incidents. He was out there gettin’ the soles of his shoes dirty like the rest of us, broken glass, cigarette butts & jumpin fences duckin the five-o.

Mix that with his other joints that have that socio-political edge and hopefully that’s enough to get you to the stores today.

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