Kings Of Leon On VH1’s Storytellers

05.16.11 6 years ago 6 Comments

Kings of Leon have always made music that’s loud and exciting. The Tennessee-based quartet consistently cooks up rock music rich with soul and swagger. Their sound is just cool; the kind of music you want playing on a summer road trip, belting down the highway on a hot, sunny day.

Watching them speak so candidly on their VH1 Storytellers session highlights an interesting dichotomy between artist and product. Seriously, these guys couldn’t seem more down to earth. The band, which consists of three brothers and a cousin, come off as humble and thoughtful throughout.

Lead singer/guitarist Caleb Followill, the public voice of the band, provides insight into every song performed, as is the Storytellers custom. His soft-spoken, raspy drawl paints the picture of a man honest and humble, freely opening up to his audience about the band’s journey to stardom, how religion inspires their sound, encounters with U2’s Bono, their opinion on skinny jeans and the love they get in the UK.

The performance is spirited; they mostly stick with their bigger hits, opening with their biggest hit to date, “Sex On Fire,” and concluding with “Use Somebody.” Creative guitar riffs and spirited bass-play abound. As modest as they might come off in their interviews, one thing is abundantly clear: the Kings are more than comfortable wearing the crown.


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