Kings Of Schlock: The #Jewishrapnames Mixtape

02.26.10 8 years ago 13 Comments

I’m from the South. We don’t have that much variety in our white people. Generally, they’re either vanilla or redneck. Therefore my experiences with Jewish people have been very limited but always pleasurable. But I saw the whole East Coast gang having a grand time blowing up the #jewishrapnames thing as a trending topic last weekend on Twitter. As I sat on the sidelines lost, I now know how a gang of people felt when Brand Nubian and PRT were speaking using the 120°.

Anyways, once the dust settled, what was left was the Kings of Schlock, “a humorous tongue in cheek take on Judaism’s role in hip-hop music.”

“Once you get past the glitz and glamor, everybody in hip-hop wishes they were a little bit Jewish,” says Paul Cantor. “It behooves you to be a stand-up guy in rap, a mensch. Still, times are tough in the record business, and it pays to be tight with your money, a miser. So there’s a bunch of different Jewish characteristics or stereotypes, which we’re actually poking fun at, that lend themselves to thriving in the rap game.”

“What we did was basically curate the top #jewishrapnames, the ones that tweeters kept repeating, and compiled them on one long-playing mix,” says Cantor. “The mixtape name and artwork is a play on Run DMC’s classic ‘King Of Rock’ LP cover, and then we added some skits to sort of create this Jewish rap narrative. The thing to keep in mind is that it’s all in good fun. Definitely for comedic purposes first and foremost.”

Please, direct all kudos/hate mail to Paul Cantor, UpNorthTrips, and Trackstar as they were all the creative hands behind this project.

Shalom & Allah U Akbar.

Download — Paul Cantor, Up North Trips & Trackstar The DJ Present Kings Of Schlock: The #Jewishrapnames Mixtape (Mixed by Trackstar The DJ)

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