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04.08.13 5 years ago 21 Comments

Long relegated to a halftime show for the Puppy Bowl, kittens are now getting their chance to be counter programming to the Super Bowl pregame show. Yes, next year The Hallmark Channel will broadcast a “Kitten Bowl” to run against the “Puppy Bowl”. If nothing else, it’s one more prop bet on which program gets the higher ratings.

The Kitten Bowl, an agility competition, will include an obstacle course of hurdles of varying heights, A-frame Alpine scratchers, tunnels, hoop jumps and weave poles.

Haha, that’s adorable. The idea, that is. I mean, the kittens are cute and all, but no cat is running an obstacle course if they don’t want to. The kittens will be glad to sit there and give you judging looks, however.

— Rob Gronkowski will likely require a fourth surgery since November on his left forearm to clear up an infection, causing some to question whether Gronk will be available for the beginning of the season for the Patriots. Meanwhile, Gronk spent the weekend in Jacksonville hitting up bars, giving fodder for more off-season Gronk shaming from the Boston media.

— The WWE’s Kofi Kingston said he gets mistaken for RGIII. Surprisingly, Vince McMahon has yet to try to capitalize on this by having a fake RGIII interfere at a match at Wrestlemania.

— Steelers backup nose tackle, Alameda Ta’amu, who got arrested for a rather destructive DUI last year, retweeted a picture this morning of he and his friend driving with a bottle of Fireball whiskey. He later deleted it and claimed it was a picture from after the draft last year. Eh, at least he didn’t claim his account was hacked.

— There’s a referendum vote in Florida scheduled in May regarding whether to give the Dolphins public money to finance stadium upgrades. While Stephen Ross has said he doesn’t plan to move the team regardless of the result of the vote, Mike Florio argues Florida residents should just sack up and give the Dolphins what they want anyway.

— Brendon Ayanbadejo walked back his comments about four gay players apparently planning to come out at one time. Apparently they were talking about going out to brunch.

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