KLEARINGHOUSE: DeSean Jackson Growing Dreads

07.10.14 3 years ago 38 Comments

DeSean Jackson showed late Wednesday night on Instagram that he’s growing dreads, which should be a great talking point for sportwriters who insist on bringing up his supposed gang ties. Anyway, the early stages of growing dreads are never the prettiest and accordingly people are giving DeSean a hard time about his appearance.

But DeSean ain’t care. He’s gonna do him, even if it means weeks of being mocked on social media.



— Andre Johnson said at a Nike event that he doesn’t know whether he’ll be a member of the Texans in Week 1. Look, Andre, Ryan Fitzpatrick needs to know who he’ll be overthrowing against the Redskins. Let’s move this along.

— Richard Sherman and Michael Crabtree: still not friends.

— The Rams are letting fans vote on whether the team will serve beer to visitors at its training camp. I think this should also serve as a referendum on whether St. Louis deserves a team in case they vote no.

— Johnny Manziel attended a Red Sox game at Fenway with a bunch of attractive blondes and ended up with a stain on his pants. All in all, sounds like a successful outing especially because he didn’t appear to run into Peter King.

— Justin Timberlake toasted the late Ralph Wilson at a concert in Buffalo. I’m sure that meant a great deal to Wilson’s granddaughter.

— In the middle of a discussion on what the Browns should do with Josh Gordon, Michael Irvin let it be known that Cris Carter told Irvin’s wife to leave her husband

— Reggie Bush is getting married this weekend at the Grand Del Mar resort in San Diego. TMZ would like you to know that LeBron also got married there because you can’t go without shoehorning him into your posts this summer.

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