KLEARINGHOUSE: Eagles Might Return to Kelly Green Unis

08.06.14 3 years ago 55 Comments

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The Eagles team president said the franchise is considering a full-time return to the Kelly green uniforms they wore back before the ’90s. Get it? Kelly green? Yeah, me neither.

— Falcons beat writer D. Orlando Ledbetter noted that a few things, including the drumline and the Oklahoma drill, were staged during Falcons camp for the “Hard Knocks” cameras. I wouldn’t consider it a huge deal, but pokes some holes in how much of a documentary the series truly is.

— An editor at TheMMQB (for all the non-Nugget Baron pieces, apparently) wrote a piece on Peter King’s personal style for another website. So, yeah, Normcore is alive and well.

— There’s one of those pointless online petitions aimed at getting Weird Al to perform the Super Bowl halftime show. It’s almost reached the threshold of 5,000 signatures needed to become officially pointless, but the idea of a Weird Al halftime show is amusing, even if it surely meant a goofy and dated reference to a wardrobe malfunction.

— Tony Romo’s deep pass is still being hampered by his recovering back, though the word is Romo will nevertheless be ready by the start of the regular season. BUT I REFUSE TO BELIEVE! C’MON, DOOPY PANTZ, THIS IS YOUR TIME!

— Meanwhile, there’s a well-known dog in D.C. named Romo but it’s soon moving to the suburbs where it’s more likely to be harassed by Redskins fans.

— Baltimore County police have charged the Browns fan who pissed on Art Modell’s grave with disorderly conduct in a cemetery. It carries maximum penalty of two years in jail and a $500 fine plus a lifetime of continuing to root for Cleveland sports.

— DeSean Jackson left Redskins practice on Wednesday after he tweaked his ankle being “cleated” (sounds like gang stuff) and is questionable for Thursday’s preseason game against the Patriots.

— Mark Moseley, former Redskin and the lone kicker MVP in history, is the latest person to say dumb things about keeping the Redskins name other than the guy who owns the team.

— Meet the Falcons superfan called “Stats” because he yells each player’s stats through a megaphone at practice. Yup, it’s just as obnoxious as it sounds.

— The Niners’ new stadium includes a statue of Bill Walsh talking to Joe Montana on the sidelines. Would’ve really liked to see a rendition of Steve Young stewing in the background.



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