KLEARINGHOUSE: Fingerghazi Fallout

08.19.14 3 years ago 111 Comments



Johnny Manziel stars in “That Moment You Found Out TV Cameras Caught You Throwing Up The Finger And Now You’re The Subject Of All The Sports Hot Takes For 48 Hours”. It’s just a working title for now.

— Ryan Clark said the line that set Manziel off was essentially, “You’re not in college anymore.”

— Let it be established that Brian Orakpo was the first NFL player to mock Manziel’s money celebration after a sack.

— Meanwhile, Redskins defensive backs paid a pregame tribute to Michael Brown as they ran through the tunnel on Monday night. Just because the organization is offending people doesn’t mean the players can’t do good things.

— One preseason game down and Levi’s Stadium has already experienced a death. Sure, it was a heart attack and he just happened to be there, but now we KNOW HE WILL HAUNT THAT STADIUM ALWAYS.

— Rich Eisen is getting a three-hour daily football talk show on DirecTV beginning Oct. 6. Because I know when I’ve watched NFL Network studio banter, I’ve thought, “I really need three more hours of the most generic guy on that panel is my life.”

— Cowboys cheerleaders did the ice bucket ALS thing. I liked the Dean Ambrose one better.

— The NFL stated it can’t be sued by two Raiders cheerleaders because the league and its teams aren’t subject to state labor laws. Not to denigrate the cheerleaders’ plight, but I really expected the NFL to save the “we’re above the law” card for a bigger issue.

— Jim Irsay’s attorney is trying to push back the start of his trial, scheduled for Aug. 28. No, the end of the preseason is just too distracting for

— David Wilson’s NFL career is over, but the now former running back is interested in training for the Olympics in the triple jump. He competed in the event in high school and college, ruining my fun mental image of him just picking an event at random and striving for it.

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