KLEARINGHOUSE: German Horse Knows What’s Up

06.26.14 3 years ago 25 Comments

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Some German lady lets a horse live in her house and that horse still picked the U.S. to win over Germany. We got this, people.

— The Redskins hired a blogger to help them in their fight to convince people that their name isn’t offensive. Those had better be some compelling and meme-worthy image macros you’re gonna post, blog bro.

— Brandon Flowers said he signed with the Chargers just to show up the Chiefs. Just wait until Alex Smith throws 30 receiver screens in front of him. He’ll be sorry!

— Vontaze Burfict led the NFL with 13 personal foul penalties last season. “Wait, it wasn’t Suh?” – Narrative.

— According to Gus Bradley, the Jaguars have rallied around Chad Henne, presumably to pummel him until the point that the team has to get on with the Blake Bortles era already.

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