KLEARINGHOUSE: Kaep’s Tat Exposes The Root Of All Evil

07.09.14 3 years ago 52 Comments

Colin Kaepernick added yet another tattoo recently, because, evidently, there’s still real estate left uninked on his body. This new one includes more Jesusy imagery, this one about how money is the root of all evil. Some people pointedly noted that having it is contradictory because Kaep just signed a contract for money and not sackcloth and ashes.

Kaep countered by saying that, darn it, he knows his Bible and leave him be, h8rz.

Kaepernick’s tats will always find a way to infuriate some or other. In the meantime, Tuesday’s episode of Jeopardy is making a clue of his failures.



— Russell Wilson, typically reticent on the topic of race, opened up on the subject to TheMMQB. That’s the kind of access you get when call the Charmslinger UBER PRECOCIOUS. According to Wilson, because not many people brought up the fact that he’s the second black quarterback to win a Super Bowl, we’ve achieved great progress on race relations. Also, Wilson and the other four black quarterbacks at Seahawks camp have taken to calling themselves “The Jackson 5” despite the fact that only one of them is a Jackson.

— Emmanuel Sanders said coming to the Broncos to play with Peyton Manning is like finding himself in wide receiver heaven. “Guess I’ll never make it to Denver.” – Rae Carruth.

— Jim Brown said a 1964 NFL championship ring being auctioned online was actually stolen from him 40 years ago, though the auction company claims Brown authenticated the ring. Since I’m confident that even at age 78, Jim Brown could still kick most anyone’s ass, I would advise returning the ring.

— Frank Wycheck criticized the pending concussion settlement deal because he said someone like him – who has suffered an estimated 15-25 concussions and experiences migraines, memory loss and depression – isn’t eligible for any money because he doesn’t have one of the listed conditions covered by the settlement.

— According to testimony from a former Buccaneers special assistant during Jimmy Graham’s franchise tag grievance hearing, Tampa drafted safety Mark Barron in 2012 just to stop Graham. Considering he averaged more than 100 yards and a touchdown per game against the Bucs last year, nice job.

— Jim Irsay will have to testify in a child custody case involving two children of a woman who lives in a home that Irsay owns, because the father claims he doesn’t want his kids subjected to the kind of behavior Irsay has displayed. The attorney representing the mother tried to have Irsay’s subpoena, but the judge denied that motion, so let me just go ahead and give a special off-season Meast award to that judge.

— Off-season Gronk Party Chronicles: Gronk parties in Chicago.

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