KLEARINGHOUSE: Rex Ryan Goes Footie

06.23.14 3 years ago 48 Comments



Rex Ryan is enjoying the summertime NFL lull by going to the World Cup. On Sunday, he attended the Russia-Belgium match, in U.S. gear and taking selfies, while the rest of the U.S. was preparing for the roller coaster of emotions that was the draw with Portugal. Old fat Rex might have sided with the Belgians because of waffles but new slender Rex has to identify with Russia, because dieting is misery and boy do the Russians know misery.

— Richard Sherman is refusing to speak to the local media after the Seattle Times ran the address of his new home and a bunch of fans showed up to hang out and hound him for autographs.

— Marc Trestman filled in for Peter King today in the weekly MMBM nugget dump. Short version: the CFL sure is swell and one time my team had to do a walk-through in an airport terminal in front of a man playing a cello. WEIRD!

— Pizza drone spotted in Russia. I don’t have a lot of faith in the quality of Russian pizza but they’re on the right track with the delivery apparatus.

— Peyton Manning has no immediate plans to retire and won’t until the warranty on his android neck expires.

— The Florida Times-Union has a piece about reporters trying to track down the whereabouts of Justin Blackmon, who is still under contract with the Jaguars. Their sources place him in the Oklahoma City area, and a former recruiter said Blackmon told him the receiver is seeking professional help when the two exchanged texts a month ago.

— RGIII said now not the time for him to comment on the Redskins name controversy. He’ll just hold off until after it’s already changed and there’s a way to tie the new name into a Subway promotion.

— Chuck Pagano said Andrew Luck is the player he would choose for his daughter to marry, assuming she wanted an austere life churning butter in Lancaster, PA.

— WHEN REAL TALK GETS TOO REAL: Darnell Dockett started tweeting about the wonders of marriage over the weekend and it eventually led to him deleting a tweet about how he doesn’t blame O.J. for what he did rather than risk losing half his money in a divorce.

— No reason was given for why Aaron Hernandez left jail over the weekend for a hospital visit, though we do know that it wasn’t because of a fight or other altercation. Meanwhile, his attorneys want him transferred to another jail where he can have more fights or altercations.

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