KLEARINGHOUSE: Shad Khan Has The Chill Owns

07.31.14 3 years ago 83 Comments

Still never forgiving the Jaguars for this, but that’s a mighty snazzy cover photo of Shahid Khan is full-on party owner mode. As it’s been pointed out, VOID is just a tremendous name for a lifestyle magazine based in Jacksonville. Anyway, hope this means Shad Khan will only spend his time during home games in the cabana seats instead of the ever going in the owner’s suite.

— Keyshawn Johnson is sending out his wedding invites programmed into iPads, because weddings are stupid expensive and if you’re stupid, they’re even more expensive.

— LIFEHACK: If you absolutely must drive your car into a vacant house, try to avoid the bee-infested one.

— In case you weren’t on social media on Wednesday evening, there has another Sharknado and this one featured Michael Strahan tackling a poorly animated shark. Good of him to practice the USA Football-endorsed tackling form, however.



— John Harbaugh is still saying he’s proud of Ray Rice, but now he’s also making sure to say that he’s very not proud of the whole spousal abuse thing.

— GOOD GUY Alex Smith said he’s willing to table his contract negotiations if a deal isn’t reached before the season because he doesn’t want to be a distraction.

— Redskins rookie kicker Zach Hocker is the subject of hair-based hazing. If you ask me, the lateral mohawk is a solid look.

— The $1.3 billion bid by Sabres owner Terry Pegula isn’t likely to be matched by the Toronto group that includes Bon Jovi, which should come as great news to Andre Reed.

— Josh Gordon’s suspension appeal hearing with the NFL is scheduled for Friday. Best believe his agent is pasting “for the love of God, no wake and bake tomorrow” all over Gordon’s bedroom.

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