KLEARINGHOUSE: The Raiders Are Still Your Problem, Oakland

09.03.14 3 years ago 68 Comments



The Raiders are reportedly on the verge of signing a stadium deal that will keep the team in Oakland. The deal is said to include free land for the team in addition to the city forgiving the team’s debts from the Coliseum overhaul in 1990. In other news, the Chargers and Rams move to the front of the line of teams that everyone openly speculating to relocate soon.

— The Washington Post has a profile of NFL Twitter robot Adam Schefter that reveals that the ESPN “insider”, or whatever you want to call him, hasn’t been on a vacation in seven years. Good to know the NFL isn’t just killing its players but also the media that feeds off them. Also, quick warning that the piece contains a Peter King quote.

— Rams defensive end Ethan Westbrooks is known by some as the guy who beat out Michael Sam for a roster spot. But he should also be known as the guy who got a face tattoo to motivate him to earn a job.

— Wes Welker is denying that he ever took “a molly” or where to get one. Well, Welker was with Tom Brady at the Kentucky Derby. DID DREAMBOAT SET HIM UP?

— Important contribution to Welker jokes from the world of Vine:

— J.J. Watt was in the weight room at 4 a.m. the morning after signing his huge contract extension. He alternated yelling HUSTLE, LOYALTY and RESPECT during each rep because he’s still football John Cena.

— Josh Brent has been reinstated by the NFL, though he will be suspended for the first 10 games of the season. Nevertheless, the Cowboys will plan to have a roster spot open for him. Failing that, it would be appropriate if Jim Irsay had to sign him.

— Former Jets receiver Stephen Hill signed with the Panthers practice squad. Not being able to crack the Panthers’ final roster as a receiver must really hurt.

— Lost in all the news yesterday about Michael Sam, Jim Irsay and Wes Welker was Max Hall’s arrest for cocaine possession and shoplifting from a Best Buy. Man, that’s a Ryan Leaf-caliber arrest. Nice work. Kudos as well on the awesomely pathetic mugshot.


Gilbert Police

— “Outline the Lines” had another special on the Redskins name last night, part of which included a debate between Chris Cooley and Bob Costas because surely producers were like “how we can get two people that no one wants to hear from about this at the same place at the same time?”

— Junior Seau’s family has opted out of the proposed NFL concussion settlement and will instead pursue a wrongful death lawsuit against the league.

— The NFL is preparing to release an actuarial report on the concussion settlement. Uh oh, that sounds like it involves math.

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