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A graphic artist named Brandon Hubschman pulled a Rappoccio and decided to mix NFL and NBA logos and post the results. It’s remarkable, if for no other reason, because it makes the Wizards logo offensive to more than just the folks who miss the Bullets.

— A 25-year-old fugitive wanted for jumping bail on a DUI case was found because he expressed an opinion on the Redskins name in a newspaper. In particular, he wants them to keep the name and change the mascot to a redskin potato, so he’ll be the funniest guy in the lock-up.

— A gallery of aerial shots of each NFL stadium. Surely a delight for lovers of architecture like Andrew Luck.

— Jim Harbaugh: busy visiting various MLB ballparks. Yesterday in Arizona was Harbs’ third baseball game in five days. See, I’m more critical of that than Johnny Manziel repeatedly going to Vegas.



— DeAngelo Williams gave up his business class seat on a flight to a man dressed in a Marine uniform, though some vets on social media have indicated that the man may be an imposter because of uniform discrepancies and the fact that the man is wearing the uniform indoors. That’ll show you for having good intentions.

— Rookie pass rushers this year don’t have ambitious enough sack goals to be made fun of by writers, according to this bullshit.

— A behind-the-scenes look at Larry Fitzgerald’s shoot for this year’s ESPN The Magazine Body Issue. Per KSK’s old Fitty posts, it’s a shame his naughty bits aren’t concealed by crackers.

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