KLEARINGHOUSE: We Can Replicate Manning Face. We Have The Technology.

08.27.14 3 years ago 56 Comments

Technology has so evolved that video games can perfectly capture Manning Face in all its off-kilter, droopy glory. Still not impressed with the Madden series until they get realistic movement out of Catler’s whiskers.

— In further Madden news, it contains a hilarious glitch that features players taking flight then crashing back into the ground. Or maybe the Rams line is just that good at blocking. They don’t need Bradford at all!

— ESPN apologized for asking who Michael Sam has been showering with in the Rams facility. They actually admitted they fucked up for once! Which would be great, except they couched their shame in saying that the reporting didn’t live up to the grand standards of ESPN, as if such a thing actually exists.

— Ravens signed cornerback Derek Cox, recently cut by the Vikings, to shore up their injury depleted secondary. What if they stick him on A.J. Green in Week 1? That would be exciting.

— Vontaze Burfict agreed to a contract extension to, putatively at least, keep him a Bengal through 2017. In other words, long enough for them to have realized they made a mistake with Andy Dalton.

— NFL Reddit has the dumbest complaint thread about spoilers ever: people mad that NFL Network shows the final score of games the channel rebroadcasts three days later.

— It wasn’t just Katy Perry and Riff Raff who honored the Britney Spears and Justin Timberlake denim formal wear this week. Behold, Matt Flynn and Aaron Rodgers:

— James Harrison met this morning with the Cardinals, because that’s where all old former Steelers linebackers go to die.

— The Saints have a 40-year-old cheerleader. Indeed, Saintsation Kriste Lewis is the oldest in team history and perfectly in the age range for Rob Ryan to think he has a realistic shot.

— The Patriots reportedly asked Logan Mankins to take a pay cut before dealing him to the Buccaneers. Considering he’s over 30 and his 2014 base salary is just north of $6 million, it’s not quite as cutthroat as the Patriots are capable of being

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