Kobe Bryant, Bow Wow And Their $1,000 Game Of One-On-One

07.11.11 6 years ago 33 Comments

“Do not bark up that tree, that tree will fall on you/I don’t know why your advisers ain’t forewarn you…” – Jay-Z

Pride has been the downfall of many great men in history. In the case of Bow Wow, it’s the reason he’s now $1,000 lighter in the pockets. J.D.’s still has his Living The Life web-series going and the latest installment found him ecstatic for the opportunity to attend Kobe Bryant’s basketball camp. While en route, a wager was struck to play the five-time NBA champion in a game of one-on-one to 11, with the only stipulation being they had to be spotted 10. And to be quite honest, the plan appeared foolproof until it was actually time go through with the bet. Even Bow Wow convinced himself he could “kill Kobe with one jumper,” still living off the euphoria that was Like Mike.

First up to the plate was Bow and J.D.’s friend, Corey. Poor guy. Now keep in mind, all he had to was score one point before Kobe got to 11 and the bet was a done deal. Being the ultra-competitive and all around asshole on the court that he is, the game was never in doubt with Kobe illustrating every point with a cruise ship worth of curse words just to drive the point home that losing is never an option. Following Corey’s exit, Bow Wow backed into the challenge. No tactic proved useful, including hanging on to Kobe’s shirt for dear life or baiting him into taking jumpers. Shad had no answer for Kobe’s “will” to get to the basket thus making this game over before it really started. So, all things considered, Team So So Def lost by a score of 32-0 and Kobe walked away with a G he didn’t have when he woke up that morning (which he later gave to the counselors who worked his camp). Not bad for a day at the office.

After the clinic was over, Bow Wow took to Twitter to confirm his loss while also warning Chris Brown not to fall into the same trap. There’s a silver lining in everything though. This is simply material for his new album Underrated set to drop this November and one hell of a bedtime story for his newborn daughter.

If that isn’t enough “Kobe-Bryant-hates-losing-to-anybody” footage, feast your eyes on this one. At the same camp, Kobe got the kids involved for game of Knockout. Anyone who has ever participated in that game knows two things: it’s fun as hell and can get really intense once started. Watch as The Mamba plays it cool letting his jumper do the talking while the other participants eliminate themselves for the opportunity to be paired with the future first ballot Hall Of Famer. Then, as the last three remain, Bryant employs the mental aspect to the game threatening to make the campers entire families disappear if they choose to beat Kobe at his own camp.

Honestly, I’m only about 65% sure he didn’t say that.

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