Kobe Bangs On Chris Paul, Chris Paul Then Takes Kobe Skating

01.05.13 5 years ago 34 Comments

All jokes aside, strictly from an individual standpoint, Kobe Bryant’s having one ridiculous season. And last night, during the Staples Center Civil War, Twitter’s newest high-profile member took fellow superstar Chris Paul for a ride to the top of Space Mountain. Following a steal, the only obstacle standing between Bean and a bucket was CP3. On pure instinct alone, Kobe once again proved despite being in the league for three decades now, there’s still some juice left in those German-repaired knees of his finishing with one nasty tomahawk jam on the guy who was once his teammate for three hours until Dav…nevermind.

Just enjoy the clip.*

Cliff Paul’s twin was not to be outdone, however. With the first half drawing to a close, Chris Paul put Kobe on skates and then proceeded to nail a buzzer beater right in the old man’s eye. This wasn’t Iverson on Jordan, but I’ll be damned if he didn’t have Kobe on, as the kids at the court say, “the spin cycle.” CP3 is a straight dog, man. A straight f*ckin’ dog. There really isn’t a question who the best point guard in the league is right now. Number two maybe, but definitely not number one.

CP3 wasn’t done either. Darius Morris got got, too. The poor guy didn’t even know where he was and to add insult to injury was charged with the foul.

* – Oh, the game? Right, the game. The Lakers made it nail-biter at the end, but ultimately fell 107-102 behind Paul’s 30 points, six rebounds, 12 assists and two steals. Kobe, well, Kobe had 38. And another 44 minutes played. And Dwight fouled out (21-15, though). And Pau was benched. Again.

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