Kobe Vs. LeBron: Dan Vs. Dave 2K9?

05.27.09 8 years ago 22 Comments

Nike should have known better.

Even though 99.7854% of the NBA analysts out there picked the Lakers and Cavs to play in the Finals, but we all know what happens to the best-laid plans. Now, I’m not going to count Cleveland out; I’ll leave that to all of you. Orlando’s had trouble closing things out and LeBron is LeBron.

Regardless, I bet Nike (and the suits at Vitamin Water too) is all sorts of hyperventilating and panicking with egg on their faces after pumping seemingly millions into a Bron/Kobe battle that we may not see. This is all too reminiscent of a similarly embarrassing situation Reebok put itself in back in 1992.

Dan O’Brien and Dave Johnson will go down as two monumental and costly (for Reebok) busts in sports history. LeBron and Kobe have put up good enough performances to justify the commercials and we will probably see them in a Finals at some point. Still, I can’t help but think of this video as the door closes for the Cavs.

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