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Cetificate Of Merit Feb 18Say what you will about the KSK Kommentariat. They’re loud, they’re crude, they’ve gone soft, they’re too Brosphine, they’re too sensitive, they’re too regressive, they’re too progressive. I believe Kommenter TeamGreen said it best this week though when describing the Kommentariat at large, “I disagree, this crew is the salt of the earth. As Squeaky Fromme said regarding Manson family, ‘you could’t have met a nicer group of people.'”

In what other group of internet commenters would you find such giving souls like Irishda who probably took years off their life covering Peter King for Ape this week? Nowhere else, my friend. Nowhere else.

I am your host Sarah Sprague and these are your KSK Kommentariat Komments of the Week for February 12-18, 2014. Little lifeboats of laughter as we countdown the remaining weeks until the regular season returns.

KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Bucco Bruce Back?

Knight Dehumidifier

Maybe it is time to change the logo to what a buccaneer should be in this day and age, so it will be a Somalian pirate in a small wooden dinghy armed with an AK-47 and (wait for it) a football.

(Reply)Tim Tebows Roommate
@KD Who’s uniform consists of the losing Super Bowl participants commemorative t-shirts.

Richie Incognito Is Really Sorry Now, You Guys

Big Black Richard 2

I sure am glad that Pouncey bestowed Honorary Black Man status on Incognito.

It’s black guys like Incognito that give black guys like me a bad name.

KSK Candy Hearts For Your Valentine

Clipboard Jesus

Time 4
a 2 min

Peter King’s Friends Think Michael Sam Should Stop Flaunting His Tight Buns

Monty This Seems Strange To Me

“I’ve been covering the NFL for nearly 30 years”

You know, I’ve been playing golf for 30 years, but I still fucking suck at it.

RGIII compares himself to Abe Lincoln, here are some reasons why


Five dollar bill.

Five dollar footlongs.

Check Out These SEO-Approved Fake NFL Personality Quizzes That Will Change Your Life (And You Won’t Believe What Happens Next)

Make It Snow

Guys, I know a better way to improve the search engine rank of your blog about football footballs balls ball Ball So Hard NFL The National Football League YOU GUYS Peyton Manning Tom Brady Russell Wilson Richard Sherman Michael Sam gay gays distraction thug thugger thuggest bullying Richie Incognito disguise Christmas ham Easter ham Thanksgiving ham gingerbread soy latte quarterbacks halfbacks eighths Dwayne Bowe fat joints fat Andy Reid baby chili recipes beef chili walrus chili dickjokes dicks jokes

Ed Reed Learns The Hard Way Why You Don’t Leave A Huge Bag Of Cash Unattended In Your Front Seat

City of Industry Football Corporation

What a stupid, stupid, move. Banking with Bank of America, that is.

Brandon Weeden Wants Out

Billz n the Hoody

Shut up and get back to work, Weeden. The sadness ain’t gonna make itself.

Electric Mayhem

These Pantz were made for walkin’
And walking’s what he’ll do
One of these days these Pantz
Are gonna Doop all over you.

(Probably the Jags- shit only has so far to roll downhill at this point)

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