Five Things You Probably Never Noticed In Kool G. Rap’s “Fast Life” Video Ft. Nas

06.27.14 3 years ago 28 Comments

Whether it’s Andre 3000 as a five man band, dudes trying to stick Biggie for his paper, or Esther Baxter in “Freak-A-Leak”, many music videos remain iconic and stand the test of time. There are others with that stick out for, well, other reasons. I’ve played Kool G Rap’s “Fast Life” video quite a bit over the years, mostly because it’s the earliest I can remember seeing a clash of so many high end set pieces and hood mannerisms. You’ve got saunas and bandannas, hot tubs and Black & Milds, tuxes and… more Black & Milds. Allow me to explain.

The Intro

I could go on as to how the beginning portion with G Rap and Nas randomly talking was unnecessary as the video and hook are fairly self explanatory, but then we’d be missing out on this wonderful missed dap. While this was probably done in one take, I’d like to think there were multiple scrapped ones that were even more incoherent.

Jeans And Boots On The Treadmill

I guess one advantage of a home gym is getting to wear whatever you want. I just also figured you’d have some exercise attire on deck.

On The Block With A Cowboy Hat

Karl Malone jokes aside, I think Nas started a movement here. Much like the pink suit in Street Dreams paved the way for Cam, the hat setup a small cowboy rap movement that went as high up as The Fugees, and culminated in the Mo’ Thugs classic “Ghetto Cowboys.”

Either that, or he was a big Karl Malone fan.

Nas’s First Time At A Sauna

The bandanna at the spa; so you can wipe sweat and look G’d up at the same damn time.

This Video Was Sponsored By Black & Mild

Wait, it wasn’t? Dudes talking that big business stuff should’ve been on this type of thing.

Finally, I Want To Gamble With Kool G. Rap

Win or lose, G. Rap seems to have the proper response to your gambling situation.

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