Koolaid Maroney Wants U To Wash U Ass

06.22.07 10 years ago 57 Comments

This comes from reader Sharkey, who just made my weekend. This needs no embellishment.

Life at the University of Minnesota, rooting for the shithole that is the Gopher football program, is tough. We need to latch on to any success we may have. Enter: Laurence Koolaid Maroney.

That’s his name on Facebook, at least; his entry on the site is golden. Some of my favorites (besides the name, which just makes me thirsty) are found in his Favorite Quotes, including:

-“wash u ass”
-“bout time we got some construda in dis mothafucka”
-“u begul shitting”

And, of couse,
-“Your ass backwards if you chase hoes, chase the cheese they come with the shit.”

Koolaid=American Hero. The pictures posted win the day, however. Attached are a few of the better ones; Gopher pride, muthafuckas!

The bar just been raised.

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