KSK 2007 Prekkake: Green Bay Packers (Revised)

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Fast Facts About The Packers:

When he was 10 years old, AJ Hawk drew, colored, and nearly published his own comic book titled “Bill Smith.”

Rookie wideout Brandon Jackson has been considered a “fantasy sleeper” in many season previews. Many people do not realize that he was given this label exactly 12 years ago, when he was delivered by a California adoption agency to nearby Neverland Ranch.

Safety Atari Bigby saw action in five games last year. The front office hopes that he continues to develop, despite being able to only run up, down, right, or left.

During his sophomore season at Tennessee, center Scott Wells tried to make a nifty anagram out of his own name and was out the next three weeks with a partially torn cerebellum.

This weekend, Brett Favre will be entering his 17th NFL season. John Madden paid tribute to Favre’s longevity in MADDEN 08 with a special Madden card. The DEAD FATHER card applies a 30% ratings boost to your QB when used, or 50% if the game is on a Monday night.

Projected 2007 Record: 7-9, 2nd Place, NFC North.

Actual 2007 Record: 7-9, 1st Place, NFC North.

What The Scouts Are Saying About The Packers

With Ahmad Green gone to Houston, this is Morency’s time to continue the running back tradition at Lambeau. He should really flourish under this system with his work ethic and indoor bowel control…Most people don’t talk about Al Harris as a shutdown corner, but he’s there. Not only that, he’s got a dick like a 1-liter bottle of Pepsi…

Favre isn’t the gunslinger he once was. McCarthy has managed to rein him in somewhat; he’s not throwing any INTs in practice anymore. Those skeleton 7-on-4 drills have really helped…P Jon Ryan may have his work cut out for him this year, but he did buy a $2 million helicopter in Patriot Games. That movie was sweet…I wish I could tell you more about Nick Collins, but I flew in from Foxboro last night, I’m driving home from the airport and there’s my wife throwing my shit all over the lawn. The goddamn neighborhood kids were going through it. So yeah, I didn’t really get a chance to study up…What’s up with the cheeseheads? Dude, I have no fucking clue.

UPDATE: I just got an email from flub. “Not for nothing, but it’s ‘Vernand’ Morency, not Vernon and he’s never played for Pittsburgh. You may be thinking of Verron Haynes. I’m not sure if Haynes is in the league any more.” I’m not sure what he’s talking about. I just re-read my post and the whole thing looks fine…

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