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12 Reasons Why the Broncos Are Winning the Super Bowl

Horsies are totally the cutest.

1. It’s Futbol, right?
A Mini Horse 2
j/k lol

2. Their future’s so bright they gotta wear shades. REMEMBER THAT SONG FROM YOUR YOUTH?
horse shades
That song is so Duckie from Pretty In Pink.

3. The Broncos’ attention to detail is unmatched.
horse crochet

4. Cold weather doesn’t bother them.

5. Excellent teamwork.
horses teamwork
Nice “tackle” there, buddy!

6. The bye week has kept them rested.
horses rested

7. Peyton Manning is a stellar quarterback.
horse forehead

8. And Wes Welker is a reliable slot receiver.
horse welker

9. While John Elway has built a strong team via the front office.
horses elway

10. They’re well coached…
horses coached
And they had better brought their cups! Yikes!

11. …by a “Fox”. GET IT?
He truly is one “Fantastic Mister”.

12. Eric Decker will probably be returning kicks.
horses decker 2

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