KSK Commenter Draft: Mixed Drinks

05.23.08 9 years ago 355 Comments

Here at KSK, we’re alcoholics first, bloggers second. Actually, we’re masturbators first, then alcoholics, then football-needy douchebags, and somewhere around 15th or 16th on the list of priorities is blogging.

The point is, most of us are hammered most the time. Hell, I cracked open a bottle of DH Krahn at three o’clock yesterday. You can do these things when you work at home.

Which brings us to today’s commenter draft. Having already “drafted” beer last year — the quotes let you know the pun is cheap and intentional — we turn our attention now to mixed drinks. The premise: for the rest of your life, you can ONLY order the drinks you draft here. It’s a terrifying prospect, the possibility of a summer without mojitos and margaritas, or early NFL games without Bloody Marys, or a Tuesday morning without Mad Dog 20/20 and Sprite.

My first pick: a Manhattan.

And I want it with bourbon, not Canadian whiskey. Easy on the vermouth, served up in a rocks glass. (The only drinks that should be served in a martini glass are martinis, goddammit.)

Your turn. You know the rules: make your selection, then wait ten picks before choosing again. If you’re drafting something archaic or little-known, by all means, share a recipe. We’re always looking for new and fabulous ways to get tight.

NOTE: We do mean MIXED drinks. Hey, you like Johnnie Walker Blue Label “mixed” with ice cubes? You’re very clever, fuck off.

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