KSK Exklusive: Inside Kamp Eli

05.11.11 6 years ago 44 Comments


With the lockout remaining in effect for the time being more and more teams have been organizing player only workouts. While some players don’t see much of a point to the exercise, more and more players are embracing the activity. For starters, it’s a great way to generate positive press, especially when compared to the alternative.

At the very least it seems like a good way to improve camaraderie and achieve some sort of off-season normalcy. But what is actually going on at these gatherings? Are they running through regular off-season drills or getting together to toss the ball around like regular old Turkey Bowlers?

Continue after the jump for an exclusive look at the schedule for the Giants team mini-camp hosted by none other than Eli Manning.

If this doesn’t work out he can always take the team to Tijuana.


7:00 am Wake Up: Rise ‘n shine, campers! Put a smile on your face and get ready for a great day.
7:30 am Breakfast: Olivia’s famous flapjacks.
8:15 am Arts & Crafts: These Gucci wallets have to be on the streets of Hong Kong by Friday.
9:15 am Exercise: Fat camp for daddy-in-law’s chubby little secret.
10:00 am Swimming: Bring your trunks and a towel down to the waterfront, and don’t forget to buddy up!
11:00 am Squash: Learn how to hit a kill shot like a real wallbanger.
1:00 pm Lunch: Fill up your sippy cups with all you can drink bug juice.
2:00 pm Rest Period: Don’t forget to write your letters home.
3:00 pm Talent Show: Archie will be the only judge.
5:00 pm Football Stuff: Apparently this is mandatory. Whatever.
6:00 pm Cookout: We need volunteers for the grill. Parental permission required.
7:00 pm Movie: Little Giants
8:30 pm Campfire: I’m only gonna say this once, it’s “S’mores” not “smores.”
10:00 pm Lights Out: This goes for you too, veterans.

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