KSK Klearinghouse: Dregs of the offseason, training camp holdouts

06.16.14 3 years ago 13 Comments

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Don’t want to say it’s a slow day in NFL news, but even propaganda-driven NFL.com has pretty much hung a “GONE FISHING” sign on the front of the site while everyone gears up for USA-Ghana. Strike that. USA-Ghana has nothing to do with it. It’s mid-June of the offseason and like all offseasons, hardly anything happens now.*

– San Francisco 49ers tight end held down the for fort for Lord Nugget over on MMQB this morning, explaining why he’s holding out on camp. Saved You A Click says: It’s over money.

– Texans wide receiver Andre Johnson is also not expected to attend mandatory minicamp this week, unsure if he wants to continue his relationship with the team he has played for his entire pro career. Not a great sign when your own players stop caring about you, Texans.

– The Dallas Cowboys say they expect backup quarterback Kyle Orton to show up at camp despite his threats of retirement this offseason. Why? Well, they’re going to ask him for their money back if he’s a no-show. In related news, a Señor Kely Norto was seen setting up an offshore account in the Cayman Islands over the weekend, checking out the local beach and banking scene.

– The Steelers are considering wearing a patch or some sort of sticker to honor the late Chuck Noll this season. SLOW DOWN already, Rooneys.

– And finally, Dallas Clark just announced his retirement after 11 years in the NFL. We’re going to forget about his years in Tampa Bay and Baltimore, agreed? Agreed. Always a Colt.

* That doesn’t involved someone being arrested.

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