KSK Kommenter Draft: Cheeeeeeeese

05.03.13 4 years ago 131 Comments

With last week’s cracker fest in the books, we turn our attention to cheese. It’s the cracker’s top ally, and a beloved companion to anyone who isn’t put off by lactose and arterial plaque. Whether your tastes lean towards the humble cheese-like product of American cheese, or the more cultured varieties, everyone has a favorite. During his recent chat with Uproxx, I took the opportunity to ask Anthony Bourdain for his picks. He did not disappoint.

Époisses is a stinky ass runny cheese made from raw cow’s milk, and aged for approximately 40 days. That combination (raw + minimal aging) makes it illegal in the United States. And as everyone knows, many of life’s greatest pleasures are illegal because of some puritanical tyranny. Am I right, RGIII? Anyway, Bourdain is right. Stinky and runny raw milk cheese is the pretty much the best stuff going.

Continue after the jump for some cheese porn, as well as my lesser pick. Then add yours in the comments, and wait at least 15 picks before going again. NO CHEESE HOARDING.

With the best stinky French cheese off the board, I’ll go with something fresh and Italian. Give me Burrata. Because mozzarella doesn’t have quite enough milk fat.

Prosciutto and truffles optional, but recommended.

So yeah, choose however you want. Hell, pick brie if you want. Just don’t pick Swiss. Bourdain is right about that, too.

Next week: Get ready for the first re-draft in KSK history. We’re going back to a beloved topic after five years, because we have all changed so much. Your only hint is “booze.” Shocking, I know.

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