KSK Kommenter Draft: NMA Your Favorite News Story

08.02.13 4 years ago 114 Comments

riley cooper

It’s an established fact that Next Media Animation has changed the way we all take in our news. Those delightful Taiwanese people make every news story better by incorporating scatological humor and dolphin stabbing. The only problem is that they haven’t been around forever. There are untold numbers of news stories that could benefit from maniacal panda bears.

Your task this week is to draft the ideal news story to get the NMA treatment. Pick any story big or small, from any time in history prior to NMA’s existence, and perhaps if the Taiwanese are feeling generous they will make your dream come true.

With the first pick I will take the OJ Simpson case. What it lacks in sex it makes up for with murder, low-speed chases, and a cast of crazy characters. It’s the perfect story for NMA, assuming they’re able to produce an animated clip that’s about five times longer than the norm.

Make your pick in the comments. I will pick the one I feel is most promising and appeal to NMA’s Twitter account for a throwback video.

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