KSK Kommenter Draft: Latin American Dishes

04.27.12 5 years ago 114 Comments

This should provide adequate sustenance for the next round of the NFL draft.

Day one of the NFL draft is over. All of those horrible mock drafts are more useless than ever, yet our mock drafts are every bit as relevant as ever (looking at you, hot sauce draft). Now turn things over to you, the commenter for the rest of the off-season. Every week we’ll provide a topic, and you fight it out in the comments to make the best possible selections. If you’re new to this, the idea is to make your pick, wait for at least ten more people to take their turn, then pick again if you’d like.

This week’s topic is Latin American dishes (no bullshit gringo food). You will still have access to all of the American and international foods you crave, but the only Latin American foods you get to eat will be limited to what you draft here (three picks per person, please). South and Central American countries are in play, as well as Mexico. Just steer clear of the (non-latin parts of the) Caribbean to keep things relatively simple.

I am starting things off with tacos de carnitas, because they are the best. Now have at it.

Carnitas tacos from Los Guichos via Serious Eats.

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