KSK Kommenter Draft: NFL Drinking Buddy

06.14.13 4 years ago 156 Comments

jay cutler

Everyone needs a good drinking companion. Well not recovering alcoholics and teetotalers, but when do we ever take them into account? But getting back to the point, drinking is awesome, and drinking alone can get sad after a while. Having somebody who drinks at your pace and can engage in conversation makes for an enjoyable evening out at the bar.

But which NFL personality best fits the criteria? This is more of a personal question that depends on how you like to get down. Drafting Peyton Manning would mean an afternoon of light beer at the 19th hole. Go with Mark Sanchez and it’s going to be a long night at this one spot in the East Village that doesn’t card girls as long as they are slutty hot. Or you can say f*ck it, and hang out with Darnell Dockett at King of Diamonds.

I am taking Jay Cutler with my first pick. Earlier in his career he was way too fratty for consideration, but now that he’s mellowed out I’m confident in my choice. He seems like he has crossed over from a douchebro into the chillbro I could see myself drinking with well into the evening.

Make your pick in the comments, and wait at least ten picks before going again.

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