KSK Kommenter Draft: Recording Artist Who Would Perform While Following You Around All Day

05.13.11 6 years ago 339 Comments

It’s a well-established principle that every hero should have his own theme music, but what about us average bears who spend our days in adversity-free anonymity? Who’s gonna play us down to the copy machine? To the bar? To the men’s room in a hastened panic? Could imagine scrambling to the can while holding in a deuce the day after Taco Night as March Of The Valkyries plays over the PA? That would be the highlight of your week.

But how would YOU score your own daily routine? Better yet, WHO would you hire to score it for you? If you had to pick one recording artist to lay down the soundtrack of your life from this day forward, who would it be? It could be a soloist, a group, or even a classical composer with a 60-odd piece orchestra in tow.

So pick someone, wait ten picks, and pick someone else. I’m kicking this off with Jack White. I’d be fine with the bassline from “Seven Nation Army” leading me into whatever room I would enter. Now you try.

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