KSK Kommenter Draft: Session Beers For Memorial Day

05.24.13 4 years ago 213 Comments

Memorial Day is all about backyard day drinking, but it’s actually about deceased veterans. So pour one out, or try to remember them in your own way.

It’s Memorial Day, and if you’re living right you’ll probably be hanging out near a hot grill and a cold cooler. We’ll have a Memorial Day food roundtable later in the day, but first we’re going to tackle the beer issue.

Don’t you just love a great Double IPA? Something that’s hoppy as fuck with enough alcohol to take you from a fly on the wall, to social butterfly, all the way to that person who is suddenly way too loud. Well tough shit, because this week is dedicated to session beers.

Typically this means any beer at or below 4% alcohol content, but since those are hard to come in this country, we’ll go with anything under 5. These are the beers you can drink all day without turning into a total mess, or getting so full that you can only eat a measly pound of barbecue.

With the first pick I’m taking Joe’s Pilsner from Avery Brewing. It’s a bit high in the alcohol department at 4.7%, but it has loads of flavor, and it goes down easy. Bonus points because it comes in a can. Cans are awesome, because cans are not glass. Glass is one of the barbecue’s greatest enemies, after rain, ants and jilted neighbors (Oh, hey. Yeah, this was totally a last minute thing. Come on over if you want…).

Make your picks in the comments. Just wait ten picks before going back to the cooler. And if you pick anything with “Imperial” in the name everyone on the internet will think you’re an asshole. More so than usual.

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