KSK Kommenter Draft: Sushi Bar

06.07.13 4 years ago 77 Comments

jiro dreams of sushi
Not all of us get to paint sushi all day while making our old ass son do all of the prep work, Jiro. Just kidding, please paint me like one of your mackerels.

A couple of draft ideas were kicked around for consideration this week. In the end, food always wins out. For this week’s challenge, the entire Kommentariat will occupy a fictional sushi bar stocked with every kind of fish (and other stuff) imaginable. There will be a team of knife-bearing chefs waiting to make you as much as you’d like, but you can only order what you draft.

You will have a maximum of three rounds to pick the fish/preparation of your choice. You must wait at least TEN picks before making your next selection.

I’m not going to waste any time, I’m going with toro. In the incredible documentary Jiro Dreams of Sushi, the subject talks about how he finds the lean cuts of tuna more interesting and nuanced. That’s all well and good, but I’m a big fat american, so GIMME BELLY.

mmmm fatty

And really, try to check out the documentary if you haven’t already. It’s free if you have Netflix streaming, and if you don’t have Netflix streaming you’re weird and you don’t belong on the internet because Arrested Development.

In other news, I am most definitely going out for some sushi happy hour action this evening.

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