KSK Kommenter Drakt: Public Figure You’d Like To See Get His/Her Own Weekly Show

08.13.10 7 years ago 150 Comments

The world discovered the hidden gem that is New York Jets head coach Rex Ryan earlier this week, and I won’t be the first person to point out that Ryan acts exactly the way that he has been portrayed here. Honestly, I must have watched that Lead The League In Wins video 15 times in the past two days. And yes, let the record show that Darrelle Revis is “pretty f~cking good.”

But that amazing performance had us wondering: what other magnetic personalities–those already in the public eye, for one reason or another–are just waiting for their respective close-ups? Surely we can make a TV star out of people that have made names for themselves in other walks of life.

That’s your mission for today: cast your own lead for a weekly TV reality/documentary show. And then wait ten picks. And then pick again. I’m taking Tennessee gubernatorial candidate Basil Marceaux with the No. 1 pick. Now you try.

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