KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: 100 Days to Go

05.27.14 3 years ago 34 Comments


It’s 100 days until the start of the NFL regular season! Is that actually close? Not really! But it’s a nice round number and allows people to start counting down with images of notable players with that jersey number.

— PFT Commenter’s Kindle book is out today and you should buy it, preferably with Gritcoins.

— Mike Holmgren recounted the time he pissed off Dan Snyder by trading Joey Galloway to the Cowboys for two first-round picks. At one point, Snyder made implied threats, to which Holmgren replied “bring it!” which is somehow slightly more funny than the fact that Dallas traded two firsts for Joey Galloway.

— The NFL’s website engaging in Titans trolling by saying the team could use Hard Knocks to remind the world that the team exists. Nonsense, who could forget the team with Bernard Pollard on the roster?

— Oh nothing, just otters with a keyboard at the National Zoo. They should let them do the Sunday Night Football theme.

— Johnny Manziel spent Memorial Day weekend in Vegas, leading to usual Johnny Partyball shaming. But then Manziel posted a pic on Instagram that showed that he also had his Browns playbook with him, giving him a useful study guide to pass out on.

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