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12.04.12 5 years ago 36 Comments

Even though it’s December, it hasn’t been especially cold in the mid-Atlantic region. Still, a not miserable day in late fall or winter is still like a kick in the pants at 50 percent strength. No, sir. I don’t care for it.

So a tropical locale would be nice. With, oh, I don’t know, Jaguars cheerleaders? I’m not particular. Wait, the video is Jaguars cheerleaders? Hey, there you go. Works for me. I’ll bring the Jag Rag.

— SB Nation’s Troll Tuesday feature sings the praises of Dan Snyder, the sagacious benevolent owner who saved the Washington Redskins.

— The Terp-brutalizing officers of the Prince George’s County Police Department live tweeted its patrols of the Giants-Redskins Monday night game. As you might expect, they encountered a few dipshits.

We posted yesterday about Nick Lachey getting bounced from Qualcomm on Sunday. Now an enterprising soul produced video of the altercation that led to his dismissal from the stadium. Surprise! No one really comes off looking very good.

— Colin Kaepernick’s biological mother, who gave him up for adoption after she gave birth to him at 19, would like to reconnect with her son. Because she wants to tell him she’s ashamed of those gaudy tattoos, I bet!

— Ike Taylor out at least two weeks. Suddenly needing another vulnerable no. 1 corner on short notice, the Steelers are reportedly working out Stanford Routt.

— Charlie Batch replicated his sideline hug with Ben Roethlisberger with a couple yinzer radio hosts. Please don’t let Hugs with Rapey People become a meme.

— Last week, it was the 49ers’ quarterback situation that was being compared to the 2001 Patriots. Now it’s Greg McElroy who is clearly the next Tom Brady in waiting. ROLL DAMN TROLL!

— It was reported that Darnell Dockett spit in teammate Kerry Rhodes’ face last in the loss to the Jets when the two reportedly had a disagreement about whether the team should let New York score so the Cardinals could get the ball back with time left. Rhodes is denying that any spitting took place. Meanwhile, Dockett is keeping it trill and talking about a thing called escape goats.

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