KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Hardy Arrest And Andre Johnson Trade

05.14.14 3 years ago 124 Comments

That’s an unfortunately timed rally (for the Panthers, at least) in the wake of Greg Hardy’s arrest on a domestic violence charge of Tuesday. A judge set Hardy’s bond at $17,000 and ordered him to attend three AA classes per week.

As for what allegedly happened, here’s the arrest warrant version:

— Andre Johnson appears to ready to move on from the Texans, on account of all losing and them being bad for nearly of his career. While Houston may be willing to accommodate his wish for a trade, there’s the matter of his huge contract currently complicating that scenario.

— Cleveland is banning national media outlets from covering their rookie minicamp to protect Johnny Manziel from an assault of HOT TAKES. Naturally, sportswriters are already fuming at being denied the chance to ask how many shots of Fireball Manziel plans to distribute in his first practice.

— The NFL’s upcoming new drug policy will reportedly be more lenient on marijuana violations and will increase the threshold for a positive test for weed. Excellent timing by Josh Gordon, I suppose.

— As for Gordon, Jimmy Haslam said he expects the receiver to be with the Browns for a long time, so interpret that as news that he’ll be released next week.

— Off-topic: BAH GAWD, Jim Ross is back to announcing things, though it will be boxing and not pro wrestling. Though don’t worry, every big dunk will still be YouTube mixed with his commentary from King of the Ring ’98.

— Aaron Rodgers is dating Olivia Munn. Haha, Aaron Rodgers, I saw your girlfriends’ breasts in a movie one time.

— Sammy Watkins visited Jim Kelly in the hospital, proving his agent has a good understanding of how to appeal to the Bills’ fan base.

— Terrell Owens says the reason he’s broke at 40 years old is because he has zero marketable skills other than being a football player. I don’t know. There’s got to be a way to parlay doing sit-ups in your driveway for the media into a lucrative business.

— If you want to buy hastily designed, shitty looking Michael Sam shirts, this Cafepress store has you covered.

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