KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Broncos Trolling Edition

02.06.14 4 years ago 33 Comments

bronco troll

Denver Broncos trolling: snow edition.

Or if you would like it through clever graphic design:


— The Vikings have retained special teams coach Mike Priefer to their staff. Might as well consider Nuke Island as good as gone.

— PROGRAMMING NOTE: We didn’t get a ton of mailbag questions this week (okay, barely any), so Ufford is forced to improvise to flesh the post out. Anyway, it’ll run on Friday morning instead of its regularly scheduled time on Thursday afternoon.

— Mike Pettine would like Barkevious Mingo to be his “bitch kitty pass rusher” so Jay Cutler beware.

— Wade Phillips told the Texans to draft Johnny Manziel. When you want input on a starting quarterback, you always listen to your outgoing defensive coordinator.

— An owl named after Richard Sherman has been stolen from a bird sanctuary in central Washington. No one knows who might have done it, so they’re just gonna go ahead and arrest Crabtree.

— In case you weren’t aware, mock drafts are always stupid and wrong and you should never read them, unless of course it’s the KSK mock drafts about things that aren’t incoming NFL rookies.

— An all-22 film recap of Super Bowl XLVIII, so you can have a better idea of just how much the Broncos sucked.

— The Redskins are promising free Wifi at FedEx Field next season, thus making it easier for Washington fans to let the world know how miserable their gameday experience is in real time.

— Important celebrity encounter: Pacman Jones and Rod Stewart. “WHERE DAT MAGGIE BE AT? PACMAN GONE LICK DAT AZZ TIL MAY. CHUH CHUH.”


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