KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Bucco Bruce Back?

02.18.14 4 years ago 44 Comments


Warren Sapp revealed that the Buccaneers will unveil a new helmet and logo this Thursday evening on NFL Network. It’ll be the first Buccaneers redesign since 1997. I don’t think I stand alone when I say I welcome a return to Bucco Bruce but I doubt that’s the direction the Bucs go. Failing that, they can use one of David Rappoccio’s creations.

— Roddy White was arrested for failing to appear in court on an illegal window tint charge. One of Florio’s minions seems highly entertained that the Falcons have little to say about this enthralling story.

— Topps will release a Russell Wilson baseball card, the undeniable charm of which will surely revive a moribund trading card industry.

— Nolan Nawrocki is at his Nawrockiest again.

— Jimmy Graham will likely file a grievance if he is franchise tagged as a tight end instead of a wide receiver, which would deny him close to $5 million in 2014. I’d really rather him openly talk shit about the other tight ends in the league for driving down the price as his position.

— Rob Ryan basically wearing a circus tent made of denim. [h/t Busted Coverage]

— Ken Whisenhunt says he pays no attention to analytics as far as playcalling goes. Instead, he’s more of a “emotion and feels” guy. So Ken Whisenhunt is more or less a playcalling empath.

— Dan Marino and Shannon Sharpe are out at CBS’ studio show and Tony Gonzalez is in. Quote Sharpe: “OOB NOO WAHHH EVBER WOLL UH DO?”

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