KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Canton, Conspiracies and Crooks

05.22.13 4 years ago 64 Comments

– It only took about an hour after Brian Urlacher to announce his retirement for “get this guy in Canton” pieces to start hitting the presses. Urlacher may say he leaves the game “with no regrets” but once you go Minnie, you’re pretty much finnie.

– San Francisco 49ers receiver Michael Crabtree tore his Achilles in OTAs today and is facing possible season-ending surgery. Look for the NFLPA to bring up this injury in the next round of negotiations when they propose all OTAs to be held in a foam factory where players do nothing but review movies all day.

Update: ESPN’s Chris Mortensen says Crabtree has already undergone surgery to repair his Achilles. That was fast. The 49ers must have seen Randy Moss three times in the mirror or something.  

– Football operations types are already (anonymously) grousing about the change in the 2014 draft schedule and according to SI, not buying the Easter Bunny excuse. The conspiracy theories about the date change are starting to reach DONNIE DARKO levels of Rabbidness.

– Of course Lord Rog is already looking to add a third London game to the schedule since the two games a season have been selling out so quickly. So that’s three games in London, up to two games a in Toronto (one preseason, one regular season), and none in Los Angeles. Not one stinking game in the Rose Bowl or the Coliseum just for old time’s sake, Rog?

– Hard to believe it’s already been ten years since the Eagles opened the Linc, but yep, it’s time for the old gal to get gentle makeover. The NFL agreed on Tuesday to provide support for the club to upgrade the stadium’s televisions, screens, maybe add additional club level facilities. Few shots of Botox and Juvederm and the building will look like it did when Philadelphia first fell in love with her.

– Sometimes a lift isn’t enough to renew the spark, as in the case the 21 year old Georgia Dome, and the league also agreed to give the Atlanta new stadium fund a $200 million loan to help build a new venue that would house the Falcons. No word on which Star Wars vehicle the new stadium will be modeled after. *Crosses fingers, hopes for Super Star Destroyer.* 

– Robert Kraft believes if a Super Bowl is successful in New York City it can be successful in Boston, according to the Boston Globe. This is a great plan, just to see what happens when approximately 12,000 sportswriters and 50,000 tourists encounter a traffic rotary for the first time. Might be the one time traffic cams pulling higher ratings than the Super Bowl.

– Browns owner Jimmy “Flying J” Haslam addressed the other NFL owners for five minutes yesterday just before lunch so he could apologize in person for any embarrassment and damage he might have done to the NFL brand with the ongoing IRS and FBI investigations into his Pilot Flying J truck stop company. USA Today reports the apology, explanation and Haslam’s denial of any involvement in the fraud case came off as sincere. Our guess is he broke the ice with his fellow old rich people meeting by doing his best Nixon impersonation.

– And finally, Microsoft signed a 5-year $400 million deal with the NFL to start providing XBox and tablet technology to the sidelines, starting as soon as 2014. While unrealistic, one can hope a geriatric Madden will call plays for the Raiders using nothing but his thumbs and a controller from an rocker on the sidelines.


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