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After having success last week serving fans a burger with a side of Skittles in honor of Marshawn Lynch (many of those Skittles were unsurprisingly thrown on the field in celebration), the Seahawks will be offering attendees at CenturyLink Field on Sunday the chance to buy a hot dog named in honor of Russell Wilson. Does that mean a slightly shorter dog that charms its way through your digestive system? Nope, actually, it’s a foot-long dog topped with mac ‘n’ cheese (because Wilson, like everyone, loves it), caramelized onions, Sriracha honey sauce (made in house), jalapeno peppers and green and blue tortilla strips.

— Tom Brady missed practice on Wednesday with a cold. Most likely he’ll be fine by Sunday but even so, if the Patriots win, look for adoring media to use it as a mythmaking device for Dreamboat. “He beat Peyton! Only four days after being sick!”

— Hot scoop from a marquee over a bar in Denver: Tom Brady wear women’s underwear. Hopefully on his head on gameday. Wanna see the fine Goodell comes up with for that.

— Aaron Hernandez isn’t allowed to watch Patriots games in jail. Actually, he’s not allowed to watch any television. That’s too bad. I’d like it better if they somehow allowed him to watch all the games but the ones that the Pats are involved in.

— Terry McAulay has been named the lead official for Super Bowl XLVIII. The last Super Bowl he did was XLIII with Pittsburgh and Arizona. For what it’s worth, his crew called the fourth fewest penalties during the regular season.

— Dwayne Bowe said he was racially profiled when he was pulled over in November and eventually arrested for marijuana possession. That’s a shame. The latest instance of cops cracking down on Eating Sonic While Black.

— Matt Leinart, expressing his sour grapes about Ken Whisenhunt when discussing how the coach might do with the Titans, said Kurt Warner was the whole reason the Cardinals went to the Super Bowl in 2008 and Whiz had nothing to do with it. To illustrate his point, he cited the team’s dip record the years after Warner left. Leinart left the team at the same time, but no cares because he sucked.

— The Bears fan who tasered his Packers fan wife as part of a bet on the Monday Night Football game between their teams in November was fined $250. He would’ve been fined more, but the court took mercy on him by virtue of his team choking away the division.

— The NFL is giving cable networks until Friday to respond with offers to broadcast Thursday night games during the first half of next season. Go, Food Network, go!

— Before hiring Jim Caldwell, the Lions contacted Tony Dungy to gauge his interest in the job. Dungy angrily declined, citing the lions eating Christians and ha ha, no one comes out of retirement to coach Matt Stafford.

— Mel Kiper has Johnny Manziel as the top pick in his latest mock draft, which means nothing other than a reason to laugh at Kiper four months from now when he’s wrong.

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