KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Draft Day Engagement And Draft Day Despair

05.08.14 3 years ago 72 Comments


Spotted outside Radio City Music Hall on Draft Day: the saddest trio of Browns fans ever spotted since the last time three Browns fans got together. It’s a nice tribute to Browns quarterback blunders of days past, though without Doopy Pantz, I must rule it woefully incomplete.

— The Rams said their reported interest in Johnny Manziel was a smokescreen that Jeff Fisher informed Sam Bradford about beforehand. This being the draft, that is also a smokescreen.

— The broadcast of the 1981 NFL Draft is on YouTube, in case you want to relive the magic of Mark May being drafted by the Redskins.

— Mark Sanchez is aware that he and Nick Foles are both characters from Napoleon Dynamite. Incidentally, that movie turns 10 years old next month and that makes me feel older than it should.

— A.J. McCarron plans to watch the draft in his Uncle Rusty’s garage, which is reasonably Alabama of him.

— According to Bills sources, the teams has been trying for years to keep Marcell Darius from getting high but have been unsuccessful. Personally, I couldn’t come up with a great argument against it either. “Look, I know it feels really good and I kinda wanna do it now, but you probably shouldn’t.”

— Brett Favre: still looking grizzled and kind of jacked but now offering draft analysis no one cares about.

— Presumptive first-round pick tight end Eric Ebron proposed to his girlfriend at the top of the Empire State Building on draft day. Let’s hope he doesn’t fall to the Seahawks so Russell Wilson warms him of the dangers of being married before you hit it big.

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