KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Drew Brees as Gatsby, Tony Romo as Staubach

05.14.13 4 years ago 48 Comments

Image from @DrewBrees via TBL

 – It seems a little on the nose for New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees and his $100 million contract to dress up in roaring ’20s costumes with his wife for a screening of THE GREAT GATSBY, but they did it anyway. Hopefully they were smart enough to use some of their money to hire a car service for the ride home.

– Philadelphia Eagles running back LeSean McCoy is being sued for assault after allegedly trapping a woman on a Philadelphia to New Jersey party bus where she was sprayed with water, hit, held down and ultimately forced off the vehicle. McCoy admits to kicking the woman off of the bus but denies all other allegations. It will be interesting to see what sort of support he receives from his teammates, considering he cannot even remember their names.

Buddy Nix stepped down as general manager of the Bills yesterday, which gives us an excuse to revisit Nix being pranked by a couple kids into having a conference call with Tampa Bay’s Mark Dominik to discuss free agency. Pride of Upper St. Clair Class of ’90 Doug Whaley is expected to take over as GM in Buffalo.

– Ron Jaworski wants to offer the backup quarterback position on his Arena Football League team the Philadelphia Soul to Tim Tebow. Tebow has yet to comment, his soul already belonging to Jesus with an iron-tight no-trade clause.

– Speaking of Tebow, Congressman Steve King of Iowa wants to know why President Obama called Jason Collins to congratulate him on coming out and didn’t call Tim Tebow to congratulate Tebow for being Christian. So that’s fun.

– Jerry Jones sees Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo becoming more of a Peyton Manning/Roger Staubach game planner now that Romo has nearly a decade of experience under his belt. Makes you wonder if Jones is starting to display early signs of dementia or if he’s ever actually watched a game that feature either Romo, Manning or Staubach.

– OTAs started this week. Since we’re not invited to OTAs, we don’t have much to report on them other than they’re happening and that means we’re all just a little bit closer to having real football to discuss.

– Speaking of  football to discuss, there was a little bit of a kerfuffle yesterday in the football blogland over “fun coverage” of the NFL. Esteemed rapscallion Spencer Hall of SB Nation wrote a piece titled Why Does The NFL For Such Bad Media in which he firmly placed KSK in on the side of the rare bits of entertaining NFL media. This placement apparently offended one of the lead NFL writers at Bleacher Report Mike Schottey since our coverage yesterday was meta journalism reports and satire pieces and not really in-depth football news. It’s the end of May. Not a lot of real football to cover right, but even if there was, that’s never been what this site has been about. KSK is here for the comedy and ludicrous aspects of the league along with occasional news stories.

Just wanted to through that disclaimer out there in case this is your first time visiting the site today and were looking for a breakdown of what Piston formation godfather Chris Ault’s hiring means for the Kansas City Chiefs and Alex Smith in the 2013-14 season. We could talk about it now, sure, but we still have the rest of June, July and August to go over offensive formations AND Photoshop pistol bandoliers onto Andy Reid, arming him with white bread and BBQ. See? Already this hiring is more interesting.

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