KSK Kontent Klearinghouse — Drew Brees Can Fly (He Can’t Fly)

04.17.14 4 years ago 63 Comments


Breesus takes flight, provided he has ankle supports while doing explosive push-ups. More or less the same thing. Hopefully this comfort with supports means Brees will warm up the idea of being in a kung-fu movie once day. Even better: a kung-fu version of Noah.

— Sidney Rice visited the Jets then immediately re-signed with the Seahawks. Rex must have picked the wrong kind of stripper on his visit.

— Draft prospect Brandon Cooks, a wide receiver from Oregon State, bought his mom a Mercedes-Benz GLK 350 with the $100,000 he got from Adidas for having the fastest 40 time at the combine. For proof, here’s an emotional video full of happy mom tears.

— Off-topic: a man named Edward Cocaine! Kind of sad he’s not a football player. Would buy a cocaine jersey so fast. The NFL could charge ridiculous amounts for it so to simulate actual ill-advised drug purchases.

— SportsNation poll asks whether Eli Manning is still elite. But how they can move on before PFT Commenter settles once and for all whether Joe Flacco is elite?

— Good piece from Deadspin on how scout Nolan Nawrocki became influential enough to be allowed to infuriate everyone each spring.

— Troy Aikman says he remains concerned about Tony Romo’s back issues. I love that the NFL.com article says Aikman retired “in part” because of his back issues, which is kind of like saying that the Titanic sank in part because the ocean is made of water.

— Soccer described as “the go-to sport of the thinking class” by The New York Times’ Style Section, which should really never be writing about sports in any context.

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