KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Very Early 2014 Win Totals

03.10.14 4 years ago 17 Comments


Cantor Gaming put out its expected win totals for the 2014 NFL season, which just might be subject to change, given that it’s being released prior to the draft and even the start of free agency. Cantor has the Texans’ over/under at 8.5 wins, so there must be a lot of faith in PLAYER THE TEXANS DRAFT FIRST in Vegas. Cantor also has the Chiefs at 8 wins next season. It’s like no one will ever believe in GOOD GUY Alex Smith.

— The Steelers are going to release Woodley, which will save the team about $8 million in cap room. Though the cut won’t be official until June 2, for reasons that make my eyes cross. Woodley put up double digit sacks in his first three years as a starter for Pittsburgh, not to mention forced the fumble to clinch the win in Super Bowl XLIII, but was either injured or generally less productive the last three years, so cap casualty he is.

Hitner reportedly signing with the Browns. He must have thought that Jim Harbaugh trade actually happened.

— William Clay Ford, Sr.’s controlling interest in the Lions passes to his widow, Martha Ford. I wonder if she immediately forced the team to trade Megatron for a 7th round pick, would she be more hated than Millen? Eh, probably not.

Brady Quinn got married! To a lady! Actually a pretty attractive one in gymnast Alicia Sacramone. Though rest assured I will still try to act superior because he’s been a terrible quarterback in the NFL.

— Santonio Holmes has been released by the Jets because they’re just overloaded with talent at receiver. Though the fact the team saves $8.25 million with the move makes it somewhat more sensible.

— Michael Bennett is now expected to stay with the Seahawks, which will allow him to get back to focusing on taking on those Greek gods.

— There are a fair amount of True Detective finale parodies involving that scene where Marty watches the video. So here’s another!

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