KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Here Are Your Headlines. Take ‘Em

04.03.14 4 years ago 54 Comments


There are some days in the off-season where crazy shit happens and DeSean Jackson gets abruptly released. And then there are many others where it’s just the Seahawks signing a Canadian long snapper. Today so far is the latter.

— Deion Sanders said in an interview that he thinks that Johnny Football has “ghetto tendencies”. That sounds like a set-up for a Katt Williams stand-up routine, but instead it’s become a dumb controversy because Deion denies saying it even though it’s in an interview transcript.

— This article from the Wall Street Journal reveals that Jim Harbaugh uses an intense game of catch to evaluate players, followed by the test of the firmness of their handshake and how quickly they’re willing to draw blood from the opposition.

— The Packers re-signed John Kuhn so yes, at least another year of that stupid chant.

— Patrick Chung returned to the Patriots after a year of playing for the Eagles. So far, his career highlight to me remains the time he got Mike Tirico to yell A SPECIAL TEAMS FIESTA in a win over the Dolphins.

— Colt McCoy is now the no. 3 quarterback on the Redskins, which means a far more wholesome, less ejaculate-stained bench on the Washington sideline with the Sex Cannon gone.

— Bengals signed former Texans safety Danieal Manning to a one-year deal.

— Bears have re-signed lineman Eben Britton. Wow, several teams sure did transact today and not one of them was really very interesting. Go off-season!

— Off-topic: here’s Jurassic Park with CGI replaced by crappy effects. I’m sick of this hacker crap!

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