KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: Hopping on a Meme While It’s Only Slightly Old

09.15.09 8 years ago 37 Comments

  • We just couldn’t help ourselves. More non-football Kanye VMA incident Photoshoppery available at Holy Taco.
  • Emmitt Smiff will appear on The Today Show on Friday (why the hell not? They already let Jenna Bush be a regular) to help Matt Lauer and Al Roker “serenate” the Cowboys new stadium. “If a punt were to stripe the Jumbothong, we would have what they call in golf, a Cortland Finnegan.” [Awful Announcing]

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  • You’ve probably seen it elsewhere by now (as in, the live broadcast when it happened) but here’s video of Brady being a dismissive slapdick to the Matron Saint when she was trying to get a simple postgame quote. Listen here and listen good, Dreamscrote, you are messing with forces beyond your limited comprehension. You will show the Matron Saint her due reverence or, so help me, I’ll tear your nuts off and have Aaron Schobel run them back for six. [WithLeather]

  • There was some disagreement among the KSK ranks about who is the most deserving of the dubious distinction of being the Jeff George Memorial Least of the Week for Kickoff Weekend. Then we remembered that we hadn’t had a poll in a while and thought we’d leave it to the readers to make the call.
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