KSK Kontent Klearinghouse: I Couldn’t Care Less About Wearing Pants

09.04.09 8 years ago 16 Comments

  • Joe Namath, drunken wooer of the Matron Saint, tiller of Maude Mona Simpson’s wild oats, graces a photo spread for the South Florida Sun Sentinel’s special football preview section. Because, uh, Willy Joe looks to figure heavily in the outcome of the ’09 season. Still, it’s a good enough excuse to get the old drunk and his mandals to throw on a mink coat and feel fancy.
  • Remember how the NFL got all pissy about there being single game wagering in Delaware? Me neither, because I’m too distracted by Gus the Eagles Groundhog to harp on any hypocrisy about the NFL being involved with state lotteries. Though I bet McNabb made the throat slash motion to his coaches when they had Gus in on consecutive snaps. [The700Level]

  • Because of book whoring obligations this week, I didn’t get around to making a big deal out of the Redskins suing old ladies into bankruptcy then selling their tickets to scalpers. Which doubly sucks because now it seems authorities are cracking down on the forming of D.C. area (that’s “DMV” to the locals, son) shantytowns filled by Daniel Snyder-created Redskins Hobos! WILL THERE BE NO JUSTICE FOR US, COOCH!? OR EVEN WARM BLANKETS!?
  • Bills offensive coordinator Turkmenistan Schonert has been shown the door, making him the third OC fired just this month, joining Chan Gailey and Jeff Jagoff-something. Three, huh? Time for a trend story! Welcome, new UFL coaching class.
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